"To reign is worth ambition, though in hell; better to reign in hell than serve in heav'n."

Solium Infernum

The Strategy Game From Hell.

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Indulge Your Dark Side

Satan's mysteriously vanished and Hell is in an uproar. Play as one of eight all-powerful and menacing Archfiends and indulge your dark side. Command legions, enlist champions, cast sinister rituals, and trick, rob and insult your rivals to be crowned Hell's new Dark Majesty.

Real Devilish Politics

Solium Infernum's devilish political machinations are legendary, requiring nerves of steel and a heart of darkness. Get into the minds of your rivals, second-guessing their every move both on the map and on the floor of Hell's parliament as you sling insults and demands in the only truly political strategy game.

Torturous Multiplayer

Play intense six-player multiplayer games with your soon to be ex-friends in a single session of deceit and politics, or put your friendships to the test in quick daily bursts with Solium Infernum's infamous asynchronous multiplayer for a truly harrowing scheme-in-your-sleep experience.